Heart Connection and Heart Integration

Heart Connection

Come to you Perceive yourself as a whole. Observe your thought streams, draw your attention into your body. Begin to perceive yourself in the here and now. Bring your attention to your breath, breathe consciously, breathe deeply and slowly in and out. With every breath your infinite True Being takes place deeper in your body. Take your time and enjoy this process.


Bring your attention to your heart. Get in touch with your higher self. Give yourself a moment for that. Now ask your higher self to invite your spiritual helper for your highest good and for the highest good of all. Allow your spirit guide to guide and support you.


Put your attention into your heart, into your heart space. Become aware of your heart space. Breathe light into your heart space and let it expand with each breath. Let a light connection arise from your heart down into your pelvis, connect there and then grow further down out of you into the earth. In the earth your light connection spreads – it grows deep into the earth, it truly connects with the earth and its energy. It grows to the center of the earth, the heart of Mother Earth, and connects there. Perceive yourself as a whole again.


Now let a light connection arise from your heart upwards through your upper energy centers, neck and head. Let them keep growing and connect to universal truth/ God source of all being /creator source.


Bring your attention back into your heart and now let your heart expand, further and further, beyond the limits of your body. Let your heart space grow as big as it feels good for you and consciously perceive yourself in it. Now go into your energetic connection and let the currents flow. From the earth and from the heart of the earth, simply through your pure intention, allow the power, warmth, consciousness and love of the earth to rise into you through your light connection. And at the same time, from the divine source, let the love, the light, the consciousness and the universal truth of the divine source flow down into you through your light connection.

Heart connection

Integration of rejection, resistance or emotional distress

Opposite of rejection, resistance or emotional distress


    1.  I see at the same time I am in love and I am transforming into the natural order.
    2. I bless at the same time I’m in love and I’m transforming into the natural order.
    3. I accept gratefully and I forgive myself to integrate what belongs to me.
    4. And I open my heart and give it a place in my heart for healing and transformation.
    5. Here and now I release myself from and I allow myself (insert opposite here).

    Getting out

    Create a Violet Flame or Fire in front of you. All excess energies flow into the Violet Flame so that everything that no longer belongs to you can leave your system. Arrive consciously in your body and perceive yourself in your body.


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