I grew up in Zurich, the heart of Switzerland. I was shaped by the classic path of a school career and an apprenticeship. I began my apprenticeship in the manual trades, carpentry. Shortly after the apprenticeship, I realized that I wanted to go a different way and did retraining as a computer scientist. I’ve always been someone who likes to try new things and delve into different topics such as hypnosis and the diverse areas of personal development. It is precisely this characteristic of curiosity and openness to new things that has brought me to where I am today.
daniel meli
In my early 30s, the spiritual world opened up to me. As a more rational “head person” happen a change in my world view by 180 degrees. The consciousness field experience turned my whole world upside down. Today it is an integral part of my being. On this way I realized that the field of consciousness has always been a part of me. By working with the field I have learned to listen to my feelings again. I could and still can discover a new side of myself. Working in the field supports me enormously in my growth and looking back I can see what great leaps in development I have made with it. My greatest wish for myself and people is to grow in love, truthfulness and awareness. Once you start, gates open and you realize endless depth. The way I see my life determines the direction in which I develop, I call that the mirror of my life.

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