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Reading in the field of consciousness

Energetic connection with the heart, the earth and the higher self  

Reading in the field of consciousness – what is it exactly?

What is meant by the field of consciousness? The field of consciousness goes beyond the normal mind. It is comparable to the iceberg model, which you may already know from psychology or other areas.

On average, people perceive about 3% of what is happening around them with their consciousness. Figuratively speaking, this is the part of the iceberg that sticks out above the water. The far larger area, the remaining 97% of the iceberg that floats beneath the surface of the water, takes place in the subconscious. The field of consciousness represents both levels together and thus forms the 3 level, that superconscious. This level represents a kind of emotional, higher intelligence, which can also be referred to as a higher self.


What can the reading field of consciousness be used for?

Working in the field allows access to stored emotions, experiences, blocking beliefs and much more. With the help of the field of consciousness, we support people in various life issues so that obstructive energies can be released and it can flow freely again.

The connection to the field is established through a simple meditation. By concentrating on the center, the heart, an energetic connection to the earth and the cosmic energy is established. Both energies are then united in the heart. In this state of consciousness all kinds of questions can be asked.
The possibilities in the field are almost unlimited.

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Our vision


What do I really want in life? what makes me happy These are questions that arise in quiet moments of our being. Flashing briefly to make noticeable what we have actually been feeling inside for a long time. As a kind of little reminder, but to find the courage to take the first steps.

Our vision is to be part of a new society based on love, humanity and respect. Where people value togetherness and live their values ​​and beliefs freely. A community with genuine warmth, lightness and joy. With the conviction that everything can come from oneself, we therefore first and foremost start with ourselves to go in the right direction with every decision we make every day. We believe that every person has the ability to change their own life, to create something new, to create something wonderful.

Our vision is to connect people with each other so that a network can develop that grows out of itself and with each other. That, through exchange and experience, brings people together who bring the same enthusiasm for the same thing.


Daniel Meli

It’s our light that scares us the most
not our darkness.

Does thinking limit me?
When I connect my heart to
my mind, it became a valuable ally.
Today I call this connection WISDOM OF THE HEART






At the end of July I took part in a seminar weekend in Lemuria Park, which was organized by Daniel. The focus of the seminar was reading in the field of consciousness. In addition to this, there were also the opportunities to practice yoga, participate in various guided meditations, manifest, learn about the Mayans, get tips for a really good night’s sleep and much, much more. Daniel has put together a really good team for these days, people who live what they tell the participants themselves or practice living it. Daniel and his team always had an open ear and we could always turn to them with questions and concerns. They created a place (Lemuria Park was energetically best suited for this) where encounters could take place at eye level and at the heart level. Where I was able to open up and share my fears because I felt that I was in a trusting environment with people who understood. It means a lot to me when people actually live and/or work to achieve what they wish for in the outside world and I felt that with Daniel and his team. I appreciate her honest, warm, understanding and compassionate manner and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to have gotten to know her and the participants. People with whom I could and can grow in love, compassion and understanding.





I am impressed with the information Daniel was able to read from the consciousness field. The pictures he got for my questions hit my current situation to the point. Thanks to his clear and understandable way of expression, I was able to classify the information well.
In general, his whole being is called to work in this area. With his empathy, understanding and wide repertoire of experience and knowledge in the field of personal development, he can also offer helpful support in the debriefing. I can definitely recommend Daniel!

Thank you very much for being & Work, dear Daniel





I did a session field of consciousness reading with Daniel and found that the experience had a lasting effect on a deeper level. I had never heard of the field of consciousness before, so I was very excited to see what to expect. Irina’s sensitive, relaxed and warm way of leading through the reading made me feel very comfortable very quickly and I was able to get involved. The process was clear and intense – afterwards I felt relieved and somehow “cleansed”.
Thank you for this valuable experience!




585 / 5,000
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I can highly recommend a session with Daniel to anyone who wants to resolve deep-rooted issues and limitations. He has a great feeling and guides you with great sensitivity into your own process. He is very loving in dealing with the reading in the field of consciousness and I immediately felt a strong trust. A wonderful space has opened up in which I was able to get to know and accept myself anew. I was also able to discover a very nice connection to Daniel and I’m excited to see what else might develop there. Many thanks Daniel for your work and being.


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